20-Something Spotlight: Taylor Swift

Happy October little lambs! But more importantly, HAPPY TAYLOR SWIFT “1989” ALBUM RELEASE MONTH!!!!

I’m obsessed with T. Swift and I don’t care who knows it (AKA everyone who knows me knows it whether they care or not). My first encounter with her was actually in person at a mall in Atlanta, Georgia when I was like 16. She was brand new to the scene and was at an FYE music store signing autographs. Ready for the “so I met her and she was wonderful” part of the story? Yeah…didn’t happen. My sister and I decided we didn’t care to swing by the event because we didn’t even really know who she was.

………..I really never regret anything, but boy do I regret that day in the mall!!! Ah, hindsight is 20/20.

ANYWAY. I did at least see her gorgeous blonde curly locks that day and became a full fledged fan a couple years later when she released the Fearless album. I related so much to all of the songs…she was singing about mean girls and dumb boys in high school and I was in high school and agreeing to every lyric. She’s just a bit older than me, so it’s like we’ve gone through things at the same time.

I’m really excited for 1989 because it’s Taylor’s first “official” pop album. I’m from the south so I totally appreciate country music…but I’ve enjoyed watching her sound evolve to what it is now. And HELLO, she writes all her own stuff! How many pop artists can say that these days? And she’s obsessed with cats. And she loves to bake. And she loves her fans. Basically, we’re soul sisters.

But I’ll stop gushing (for now). Are you a Swiftie like me? 26 more days!!


Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Y’all, I have the sweetest treat to start your week off deliciously this Sunday!

I made these cookies last week to bring to the ladies at work and they went fast. I didn’t really have extra money to make an elaborate dessert, so I searched cookie recipes that used ingredients I already had in my kitchen. When I stumbled across this recipe, I was skeptical. Cookies made without flour? What sort of cookie is that?…a budget friendly, insanely easy, AND delicious one it turns out!

A good tip when searching for recipes: read the review section! I ended up adjusting the ingredients slightly and increasing the cooking time after seeing what other women had to say about how their’s turned out.

And if you change the recipe, it’s totally like you made it up right? So I’m calling these…

Erin’s GFPB Cookies

-1 cup crunchy peanut butter

-1/2 cup brown sugar

-1/2 cup white sugar

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-1 egg

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, beat the egg until it’s frothy. It took me about two minutes with a high speed electric mixer. Then add the peanut butter, both sugars, and vanilla extract! You’ll end up with a slightly crumbly mixture.

Form the dough into 1 inch balls, and place them on a baking sheet about two inches apart. They don’t spread out much, but you need a little room for the next step! With a fork, score the cookies vertically and horizontally with the tongs to form a crisscross pattern across the top. Bake the cookies until golden, about 12 minutes. I like mine chewy so I usually take them out a bit early!

Do you have an easy go-to cookie recipe? Have a sweet week!


Life Happens

First of all, I am SO SORRY I neglected to post on Sunday like usual! If there is anything I’ve learned in these recent months since I graduated college…it’s that life happens. You can plan and plan and plan, but you just can’t always control everything. And sometimes you are in control, but you’re still not where you imagined. I’m working on accepting that! And knowing that it all really comes down to trusting myself.

If you’ve ever had one of these moments (or several), remind yourself that you’re not alone! And maybe these quotes will help too:

It's All Funny



Find more pinspiration here.

Ps happy fall, and belated birthday to my Mom, my best friend (who is always there to remind me that life happens- and it’s okay)!


Running Makes You High

Are you a runner? No? Let me try to convince you to start…

This video does a great job of using the “sciency” language of why you feel amazingggg after a run (without boring you to death). And it’s all true! I can totally attest to feeling that “runners high” every time I hit the pavement (or the trail, track, or even treadmill when desperate). I’m #thatgirl who smiles, waves, and pants an out-of-breath “good morning!!!” to every other runner I pass. I’m THAT happy (and perhaps THAT annoying…not sorry).

For me, 15 miles is a good weekly average to aim for. That way, I can break it up to a 5K five days a week, or a long run on Sunday mixed with shorter runs throughout the week. Mileage tracking is also important if you’re training for a race.

However, if you’re new to running- setting a weekly mileage goal probably isn’t your best bet. It can be intimidating to know you have to log a specific number of miles when you’re just getting started. Saying “I’ll run for 15 minutes” might sound easier than saying you’ll run a mile. Whatever approach you take, make it your own! Fitness is such a personal thing, so tailor it to your schedule and what you enjoy. Like I’m a early bird and love morning runs, but my boyfriend works early in the morning so he goes at night.

Another great reason to start running right now specifically? THE WEATHER! With fall officially starting next week, there is no better time to be outside. Not only is the temperature ideal, but it’s guaranteed to be beautiful!

Have I made you a believer yet? If not, maybe this, this, or these will ; )


Why Don’t You?

The Eye Has To Travel, a documentary on the fabulous Diana Vreeland, is a must watch. The icon was the fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar for 26 years, followed by a stint at Vogue, and ended her successful career at the Met. It’s a resume fashion girls of today dream about.

You know you’ve really “made it” when you inspire movie characters. Ms. Prescott in Funny Face was based on Vreeland (way before Anna Wintour inspired The Devil Wears Prada)! This scene is one of my favorites.

Vreeland began her reign in 1936 and immediately made the role at Harper’s all her own. Her “Why Don’t You” column was refreshing (and shocking) to the women of the Great Depression era, and is iconic today. Vreeland posed “Why not?” sort of questions to her readers. Challenging the conventional, and suggesting the unthinkable in those days…that women think outside the box and break some rules. In a blatant nod to the theme, the column was printed at an angle rather than straight up and down.

why don't you?
…tie black tulle bows on your wrists?
…remember how delicious champagne cocktails are after tennis or golf? Indifferent champagne can be used for these.
…wear fruit hats, currants and cherries?

Some suggestions were more outlandish than others, but the point remained the same: GO FOR IT.

Millennials, pay attention. Vreeland might have been printing this column before your parents were even born…but she’s speaking to you. Move to a new city. Break up with your loser boyfriend. Wear whatever you want, even if Vogue says it’s not “cool.” Because if there’s anything boring, it’s making the same choices everyone else does.

Why Don’t You?


Better With Age

He’s going to kill me for this…but HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET DANE KLAUSY. Aka, my step-father, Klaus. I’m having to do this virtual shout-out because they (he and my mother) *accidentally* planned a vacation for the week of his big birthday. Oopsies? I think not. But don’t fret Klaus…you may have escaped me throwing you some elaborate birthday party today, but I’ve invited THE ENTIRE INTERNET to join in celebrating! I know I know…you’re welcome. ; )

The following are the sexiest silver foxes around…who in honor of Klaus, like fine wine, are just getting better with age.
Oh, George

Geeky Steve



Liam Neeson

Brad Baby


Anderson Cooper

Jack Nicholson

Are you as much a sucker for a “salt ‘n’ pepper” man as I am? I know it’s #WCW…but I simply couldn’t resist. Plus…all this research was SOLELY for Klaus’ bday anyway. Obviously.


I’m So Normcore, You Already Know

Y’all. I’M PUBLISHED. Like, for real published!!!

Check out my article here, curtesy of Elite Daily:


Normcore: How The Biggest Trend Of This Generation Is Influencing NYFW.

Life is so funny. I was on the phone with my sister freaking out after I got the news- and she said “it’s so crazy how fast this is all happening for you…I never thought you were going to be a writer.”

THIS JUST IN: It wasn’t my plan.

If there’s anything I have learned in 2014 it’s that LIFE THROWS YOU CURVE BALLS. And, that’s okay. Actually…it’s more than okay. I’m happier than ever because I’ve finally decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself to make my life exactly how I thought I would be…and just let jesus the universe take the wheel.

Apply for dream jobs you in no way think you have any chance of getting.

Move in with your significant other even if you wonder if it’s too soon.

Buy a plane ticket and JUST GO.

Guess what- no one is going to take these opportunities for you.You’re living your life. Right now. YOU’RE IN IT. Do something that scares you, and I have a sneaky feeling the universe will reward you. I wrote that article on a whim in an hour of spare time, and got an email a few hours later that I had been published on a site with readership exceeding one million. 

Six months ago, I thought my life was going to look pretty different right now. But it turns out that following your heart, staying confident in your abilities no matter what, and taking risks, will put you right where you need to be (whether you planned it that way or not)!

I have some other big news too…that I’m soooo excited to share soon! Stay tuned! And, trust the universe (and yourself).


Looking Glass Rock

Okay. I am a total hippy. Well, I take showers. And I wash my hair (sometimes). But “being with nature,” yoga, dreadlocks…it all makes me happy. My boyfriend however, is NOT. We’re actually opposites in every way imaginably possible… (that’s a post in itself…#staytuned) so until now, he had never been on a hike! I decided it was time for him to check that off his “life list” this Labor Day- and off we went!

Sunscreen is ESSENTIAL kids.

Yay for no makeup and messy hair! It was SO hot and I’m SO fair-skinned and (newly) obsessed with protecting it. Wrinkles be damned!

Lace Up
Mountain Man

Because Christian is actually not a mountain man at all, he only had these nikes to hike with. Cute shoes, but literally no grip. He slipped a few times, I screamed a few times. If you want to try hiking, I really recommend Merrell. I’ve had my boots by them (and sandals)  for years and they are in great condition! Maybe not the most stylish pair in my closet…but consider it “theme attire.” When the “hiking theme” day rolls around…you will be trendy and safe on the mountain!


#selfie #nomakeup #bae

We were so happy to have finally reached the difficult peak, and have some lunch (…lots of bacon was involved).

Behind the Scenes

Turn Around

We made it!
We made it!

…yes I am wearing his socks. I’ve become weirdly obsessed with them? Whatever. The moral of the story: if you’ve never gone hiking, try it. Seriously. There are so many different trails, and you go at your own pace- so if you ever feel like it’s just too hard…slow down! We saw lots of dogs and babies too : )

Now go make love not war, pick a bunch of daisies for a flower crown, turn off your cell phone and go on and adventure and all that hippy stuff. Have a beautiful September week!


Labor Day Sales

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Lazy mornings with coffee and a good book, yoga at my favorite studio, and of course… BRUNCH. This particular Sunday is extra special though, because it’s a holiday weekend! That means two things: my boyfriend and I get to spend a Monday together in the mountains (instead of at our desks) and, shopping…all the shopping. Labor Day sales are some of the best! They’re mostly summer items, but you can totally transition your warm weather clothes to fall with the right accessories (like a chunky knit sweater over your favorite maxi dress). Ahhh, #sundayfunday  


Aerie Real “End of Summer Stock Up Event.” Buy one, get one for $10! …I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to own too many pairs of cute undies. I really like their athletic line too!

J. Crew

J. Crew does edgy

The sale section is an extra 40% off with code WEEKEND, and free shipping over $100. J. Crew used to be WAY too preppy for my taste, but lately they’ve been edging it out (a little). Like, styling lookbooks with sneakers? I can dig it.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

Select styles 30%, 50%, and 60% off and up! …because they know how much we deserve a long weekend!

Happy shopping my darling weekend warriors!






Hurrah for Horoscopes!

Y’all. I’m OBSESSED with reading my horoscope. While I really believe that you make your own luck, reading a promising horoscope is sometimes just what I need to put a little extra pep in my step. And even more than just following a daily or weekly ‘scope, I loveeee reading descriptions of the signs. Like, I am a total Cancer.

cancer cat

And my sister is a total Gemini. I even look into guys signs (AKA always… #psycho). My college roomies and I decided that Aries men are the WORST and we needed to stay away from them forever (my boyfriend is an Aries…welp). We even got these Alex and Ani bracelets to celebrate our signs. Love!

Have I completely lost you? It’s simple. Everyone has a birthday, so everyone belongs to a specific sign in the Zodiac:

ARIES March 21 – April 19 active, demanding, ambitious 

TAURUS April 20 – May 20 subtle strength, appreciation, patience 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20 intelligent, changeable, communicator 

CANCER June 21 – July 22 emotional, intense, selective 

LEO July 23 – August 22 faithful, generous, initiative 

VIRGO August 23 – September 22  analyzing, practical, thoughtful 

LIBRA September 23 – October 22  justice, truth, perfection

SCORPIO October 23 – November 21 purposeful, unyielding, transient 

SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21 philosophical, optimistic, experimenter 

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 dominance, willful, persevering 

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18 serious, insightful, humanitarian 

PISCES February 19 – March 20 indecision, depth, imagination

My favorite place to read up on Astrology is Elle.com. I mean, look how beautifully they are illustrated! And there’s a “love chart” feature where you can connect your sign with any other in the Zodiac and see how you match up (use it for friendships too)!

Elle.com Horoscope Girls

How have your stars aligned lately? Enjoy the long labor day weekend and be sure to read your September ‘scope coming soon!