Interracial Relationships

Okay. Let’s talk about people. How would you describe yourself? If you were describing strictly physical attributes, what words would you use? I would say: I’m short (read: fun-sized) and blonde, with big hazel eyes and a few visible tattoos.

I wouldn’t say: I’m white.

If I was asked to describe my boyfriend, I would say: SEXY. Big muscles, brown eyes, and a killer smile with great style to match.

I wouldn’t say: He’s brown.

But yes, we are in an interracial relationship. And there are major differences in our culture. He’s Peruvian, not Mexican, but we watched this video together the other day and DIED at the similarities to his household. We acknowledge and appreciate the differences between us.

I don’t believe in calling yourself “color blind,” (unless, like my boss, you are actually COLOR BLIND………sorry Nathan), because of course we all notice what color each other are. Our color represents different cultures and histories, but it doesn’t make a person good or bad. I know my boyfriend is brown and I’m white, and that’s okay…because we’re both really just people whose actions make us who we are.

This might sound like duh to you, because thankfully many people are accepting. But, coming from a super small town in the South- I know not everyone is there yet. My Mom told me recently that some of my (read: all) of my extended family were very wary about me being best friends with a black girl all through elementary school. I was completely shocked. Looking back, I was blissfully unaware at how judgmental they all were. I only knew she was my BFF and had the coolest hair around. I never saw her as black and me as white. It wasn’t that simple, but to the supposed adults around us…it was.

Unfortunately, by High School (and then college) I had experiences where I felt the judgements firsthand. From disapproving looks in public to being bullied for the color of my boyfriend at the time, I just really couldn’t believe it. Who were they to judge us? WHY DID IT MATTER?

I don’t have the answers. I can only speak from my experiences. Some white people are bad. Some black people are bad. Some brown people are bad. But most of us are good. And that has nothing to do with what we look like.

(socuteicouldliterallycry photos curtesy of my “babies and boyfriends” Pinterest board)



Hi my little muffins!

So, remember when I said I dreamed of being a writer in NYC? Well, that has lead me to reach out to a little site you may have heard of…Buzzfeed. In order to get some exposure on the site, and practice a voice appropriate for their audience, I’ve been writing some posts for them lately!

You can check out all my articles on Buzzfeed, here.

Today, I published a post I had a lot of fun with called: “10 Reasons Asheville, NC Is The Brooklyn Of The South.” 


I hope y’all enjoy! Any feedback, encouragement, or suggestions are MORE than welcomed!

Happy hump day, muah!

10 Annoying #Hashtags

I know my posts are often inspiring, thoughtful, or passionate – but sometimes a lady needs to vent. I mean, someone needs to call you out. So without further ado…

The 10 Most Annoying Hashtags Of 2014:

10. #alsicebucketchallenge

To the few humans who actually knew what this whole thing was about, congrats. But to the majority of people who poured ice on their head and were annoying for way too long, TG this is over.



9. #latergram

It’s called “instagram” AKA INSTANT-gram. AKA, pls stop posting pictures from like three weeks ago when you’re in bed bored. Ahem, “when you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

8. #blessed

I call for a separation of church and social media! *side note, this can be used in a hilariously sarcastic way and if you use it THAT way and not THIS way, I applaud you.

6. #healthy

………..that is your side salad submerged in ranch dressing.

5. #sorrynotsorry

But I’m sorry you just said that.

4. #ootd.

I didn’t know what this meant for like six months and hashtags aren’t supposed to be cryptic. #amiright

3. #MCM / #WCW

MAKE. IT. STOP. If you’ve been dating someone for awhile everyone knows that’s your “crush” and if you’re single no one cares and it makes you look desperate. Honestly, either way no one cares. We would rather see a picture of your #healthy pizza. #sorrynotsorry

2. #turnup

Okay, this picture was taken in your dorm room. With two other people. With cheap vodka that someone else bought you. You’re not “turning up.” And even if you have like a helicopter and Dom bottles in the background, it’s then obvs you’re turning up so #nohashtagnecessary. And you should probably just go enjoy yourself?

1. #nomakeup

OKAY BUT YOU ARE WEARING MAKEUP BECAUSE I SEE YOUR EYELINER. AND WHATEVER EVEN IF YOU REALLY AREN’T YOU DIDN’T HASHTAG #NOFILTER SO IT’S TOTALLY LIKE YOU’RE WEARING MAKEUP ANYWAY WITH THAT VALENCIA FILTER. Also, if it’s a running/yoga/any sort of fitness picture, you’re not supposed to be wearing makeup anyway…right?? Ladies, just don’t.

There you have it! Pretty annoying right? But don’t worry! While social media can totally ruin your reputation, there is such thing as a delete button (if you’re quick enough to beat a sneaky screenshot). And since you’ve probably already used most of these hashtags on the list…there’s always next year to be less annoying! #goodluckwiththat

*This post is dedicated to my #bae who gave me the suggestion and lots of hilarious input along the way.


Never Give Up

I watched the movie “Rudy” last night with my other half and OMG was it inspiring! A pretty predictable plot, but such a feel good, myheartissohappynow, flick. Rudy is the little boy in the neighborhood who is always getting picked on and essentially being told he isn’t good enough. He’s obsessed with Notre Dame football and dreams of playing for them. Not to ruin it for you, (totally ruining it for you) but he tries and tries and after several mishaps, he makes his dream come true.

And it’s based on a true story! Definitely one I would recommend if you’re needing a little “never give up” pep talk. Also- did I mention that a VERY young and totally beautiful Vince Vaughn makes a few (gorgeous) appearances as the Notre Dame quarterback? This is a reason in itself to watch the movie.


I have my own dream of becoming a writer in NYC and at times it has felt completely hopeless. I’ve had people tell me I shouldn’t go for a million reasons: How expensive it is. How dangerous it is. How crowded it is. But, I can’t seem to let the dream go. I guess the only thing separating me from Rudy right now is the trust in myself (and the Universe).

I think everything happens for a reason, and I think we watched that movie at the perfect time. It was one of a few wake up calls I received this weekend to not give up on my dream, and to continue chasing it no matter what!

Check out this kick ass pep talk circa 1993…


What are your dreams? Where do you find the inspiration to keep chasing them?


That Time I Went To Europe…

As the days get colder and darker, I can’t help but think back on my sunny summer in Europe. It almost feels like a daydream! Was I really eating pizza on the beaches of Barcelona? Watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle on a late night adventure around the city of Paris? And celebrating (insane) 30th birthday parties and climbing through trees with my amazing Danes in Copenhagen? Yes, I was! And while I had major moments of homesickness on my big trip- I will always look back on those memories fondly and know that it wasn’t my first and last time abroad.

If you’ve never traveled, do it. It doesn’t have to be to Europe. It could be to a neighboring city you’ve never been to, or even a new restaurant in your own town. Need a little inspiration? Pinterest away! My travel board is chalked full of places I’ve been, places I want to go, and super handy jet-set tips.

Short on cash? It’s not so much where you go, just that you go. Being outside of your comfort zone not only teaches you about others, but so much about yourself.

If you’re hoping to plan for a bigger trip rather than something local, head to the travel section of your favorite bookstore. When I was browsing prior to my trip I came across The Lost Girls and it changed my life! I devoured the book and found this extreme sense of adventure that had been buried inside me. I laughed, I cried, and I decided to (eventually, but definitely) plan my own round the world trip with my best friend.

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. Here’s a few:























It’s a great big world out there. Where will you go?


Nobody’s Perfect

A good friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend. This was one of those couples that was “perfect” in everyone’s eyes…they were always going on great dates, taking cute pictures, and just genuinely raving about each other. But then, it was over. Just like that. Why? Come to find out, they weren’t perfect…because nobody’s perfect. 

At 23, there are so many questions. Am I doing what I’m supposed to do? Why does she already have a perfect relationship/car/job/apartment/etc. but I don’t? The answers to those questions are simply, yes- you are doing what you’re supposed to do, and, she isn’t perfect, because say it with me now: #nobodysperfect. Gorgeous apartment? Maybe it’s her parents footing the bill. Always shopping? She could be silently drowning in credit card debt. Don’t assume the worst in people, but know that there’s more than meets the eye. Always.

I recently shared  this article from The Huffington Post on my mother’s Facebook wall and it couldn’t be more perfect (…see what I did there). It’s a great one to reference when you’re comparing yourself or thinking you’re THE ONLY ONE feeling a certain way. Remember, even the people who look like they have it together have times when they don’t.

Cue imperfect celebrity moments…

...sometimes you bloom later in life.
…sometimes you bloom later in life.
...sometimes you're bad.
…sometimes you’re bad.
...sometimes the wind sneaks up on yah.
…sometimes the wind sneaks up on yah.

…and sometimes you’re Miley Cyrus.


Cheers to being the perfectly imperfect little muffin you are!



At my job interview for the company I currently work for, one of my interviewers (owner of the company, and now my boss) told me that we were “kindred spirits.”

Kindred Spirits:


plural noun: kindred spirits

  1. a person whose interests or attitudes are similar to one’s own.

I nodded my head furiously in agreement, because after the hour long interview I knew I had a lot in common with these women. So, what’s the big deal with that? The big deal is I work at a yarn shop, and all my coworkers are at least 30 years my senior.

Millennials, it’s time to pay attention to “old people.” Haven’t talked to your Grandmother since your birthday last year? Give her a call. Live close enough to drive to her place? GO. News flash y’all, people significantly older than us have significantly more life experience than we do! WE DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING AT 23. Even when we think we do- we don’t. Seniors in your life have made the mistakes you’re making, and have (hopefully) found their way around them.

Love advice? They’ve dated more assholes than you. Money problems? They’ve had their share and DEFINITELY know what an IRA is (…be honest, do you?). Travel tips? They’ve seen more places than your “eye opening” AKA drunk Europe with a backpack trip post-grad.

The women I work with have all become such role models. I go to them for advice, and today…one even came to me for some. More than anything, these amazing women are my friends. They have already volunteered to be my students ahem, guinea pigs while I’m in classes for my yoga certification! Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.


Who is your #WCW?



In thinking about what to post today, one word just kept coming to mind. Gratitude. 


the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Gratitude is a word you hear a lot in yoga classes, and one that I never thought about much until I turned into such a YOGI! I was always thankful for the people in my life, the food on my table, and the clothes on my back…but I didn’t spend as much time on the second part of the definition.

So today, I’m going to share a little-mini-baby-small-not-even-close-to-everything-list-of-thanks to show some appreciation, because Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to be thankful.

(Just a few) Things I’m Grateful For…

  • The way my boyfriend giggles even when he’s trying SO HARD not to.
  • How crunchy leaves under my feet remind me of one of my best friends who moved away.
  • The bulldog I became a Mother to…I say I hate him but I really don’t. But sometimes I do.
  • Having visited NYC, Barcelona, Paris, and Copenhagen all in the first half of this year- and planning for future international travel.
  • The 6:45 am yoga class I took yesterday that I assumed would be “easy” …and actually kicked my barely awake a$$.
  • Watching one of the girls I nanny sound out words. Learning how to read words across a page is such a magical thing.
  • Playing board games with my family- and the ALWAYS ensuing hysterics.
  • Cheese. I’m grateful for cheese.
  • Taylor Swift’s new album that hasn’t even dropped that I just already know I’m grateful for. #swiftieforlife
  • All the experiences that come with being in an interracial relationship.
  • My curly headed blonde muffin of a nephew Soren, who makes me smile simply by existing.
  • This blog, because it never tells me to shutup.


But really, have you ever just sat down and thought of detailed things you’re simply so happy to see exist? Go beyond the typical “I’m thankful for my family and my friends blah blah” and see what really comes to mind. I could write a list like this every day and come up with something different…there’s just so much to appreciate.

The next step in this is to turn that list from a “grateful” list to a “thank you” list. That’s the “readiness to SHOW appreciation” part of the definition. Does a certain friend keep popping up on your list? Or a mentor from work that’s really been helping you out? Let them know. I bet they’re grateful for you, too.

Dwight K. Shrute

Lastly, I couldn’t forget to add The Office and specifically Dwight K. Schrute, (and Tumblr for more memes than I can count) for all the laughs. AND THE LA DODGERS GAME WHERE I SAW DWIGHT THROW THE FIRST PITCH. I’m very grateful for that. Okay, I’m really done.

What’s on your list today?



I was introduced to yoga in February, 2013 by one of my good friends. She invited me to join her at a “Hot Flow” class on a Saturday afternoon, at Asheville Community Yoga. She said: “Don’t wear much (clothing) because it gets really hot and sweaty.” I was like, ummmm okay. I honestly had no idea what to expect.

Well, WHOA was it hot and sweaty! I could barely stay put trying to learn downward dog because I was slipping all over! But I came out feeling like a new person- honestly. I was glowing and wanted more. I was hooked on yoga from the start.

When I should have been studying several months ago, I filmed myself practicing headstands to see if I was getting it. This was my wobbly result… #senoritis at its finest (excuse the jorts)!


I do yoga for tons of reasons… a great workout, cute clothes thanks to Lululemon (and many other cool brands I’ll share later), and a wonderful community of people. But what really keeps me coming back to my mat each time? Inner peace.

“Inner peace” might sound like a term reserved for hippies with dreads, but even the most straight-laced wall street men and sorority girls (and everyone in between) should make finding, and keeping, inner peace a priority in life!

So what the heck is it exactly? Peace of mind. Stillness. The opposite of being stressed. I am very insanely high strung. Whether it’s from being generally stressed, or hyper and excited about something- I rarely find a “calm” space in myself on my own. But cue my yoga mat and I’m the most serene thing on the planet! During my practice, I’m focused on breathing. Only breathing. Everything else disappears.

Sounds pretty amazing right? And it’s as easy to find as your nearest yoga studio- or even online videos like these. There are tons of different styles of yoga- some slow, some fast, some focused on building muscle, and some more geared to burn fat. Take your pick! Ages vary too- I’ve been in classes with students anywhere from 16 to 70 years old! If you want to learn, there is a class out there for you.

And with all that being said, drumroll please…


The classes start in January, and I simply couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be certified and ready to teach just a few days after my 24th birthday in July! So be prepared for more tips and tricks regarding yoga and general mental/physical health over the months to come…and hopefully more successful videos, HAH.

What are your yoga questions? Shoot them my way! If I don’t know the answer- I’ll find it!

Muah! Namaste! ; )

Surviving a LDR

Long distance relationships are part of many of our lives. I’m not just talking about a boyfriend or girlfriend here, but best friends and family members too (probably more often). My sweet baby brother (and his amazing gf) moved half-way across the country to go to college this year, my two best friends live several hours away, and I have even more friends and family as far as Denmark and Israel. Long distance relationships aren’t ideal, but they happen- and thankfully there are ways to make them a bit more bearable!

Living in different cities makes events in the same one more special!

5 Tips To Manage Your Long Distance Relationships

1. ADDRESS. BOOKS. I can’t say this enough. Snail mail is sadly ignored by most young people these days, but especially for long distance lovin’, it shouldn’t be. Receiving something in the mail (that isn’t a bill) makes anyone’s day, and if it’s an unexpected letter from you- it’s bound to make someone’s whole week a bit brighter.

2. A calendar marked with important dates. When is your grandmother’s birthday? When is your sister’s big job interview? To go hand in hand with their address, know the dates that matter to them- and reach out ahead of time.

3. Be conscious of time zones! When I was in Europe this Spring I was constantly waking up to messages from people in the middle of the night…showing you care enough to text them “good morning” when it is actually their morning will be appreciated!

4. Make a countdown. There are all sorts of digital countdown managers you can use to get excited for when you’ll be reunited next. Or get crafty and make your own.

5. See it as an opportunity. While I’m not thrilled I don’t see my brother all the time anymore, I know at Christmas he’ll have lots of stories about a state I haven’t had the chance to visit yet. Speaking of…maybe a ski trip to Colorado needs to be added to my “trips to take” list…

Do you have any LDR’s in your life? How do you manage?