Goodbye Asheville

Tonight is my last night in Asheville. I leave for my parents house tomorrow, then I’ll be headed to Brooklyn on Saturday.


I’ve lived in Asheville for five and a half years. I moved here my 18th summer for college at UNC Asheville so wide eyed (AKA relatively innocent/clueless) and have learned so much about myself and others from that time till now.


My very first day of college classes. Hahah….hahah. Also, please note this is a 2009 SELFIE with my digital camera.

In my years in Asheville:

I made friends.

I lost friends.

I dealt with mean girls. Ahem, you know who you are, and this song has never rang more true.“Some day I’ll be livin’ in a big ole’ city, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean.” XOXO.


I fell in love with the wrong guy.

I fell in love with the right guy.

I changed my college major a million times and finally landed on the right one.

I changed my hair a million times. (Read: and probably will a million more!)

I took my first yoga class, and was instantly hooked.

I got (a few more) tattoos. Sorry Mom.

Really, I grew up.

25448_1168394229808_6779221_n 25448_1168395349836_4221011_n 165622_1408487711995_264617_n (1) 167826_1399582969382_4681903_n179285_1405431755598_5709166_n 183688_1446224215384_2626560_n 190083_1446227735472_3923367_n 198486_1480469871504_1954322_n 199044_1487000154757_6418091_n 1916766_1083994359864_1044608_n 1916766_1092759978999_3672768_n IMG_0001 IMG_0027 IMG_0608 IMG_0665 IMG_0751 IMG_0855 IMG_0974 IMG_2048 IMG_2108 IMG_2654 IMG_2788 IMG_3060 IMG_3173 IMG_3193 IMG_3265 IMG_3330IMG_3147

And now I officially have tears in my eyes! Cheers, Asheville. It’s been one hell of a ride.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Asheville

  1. Asheville sure gave you a ton of great memories. I am glad I was able to share so many of them with you 🙂 I hope you are ready for as many (if not more) great memories in New York ❤

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