House of Colour

Y’ALL. I have the COOLEST thing to share today! Yesterday, my mom, my sister and I took a little road trip to Charlotte to each have a “Colour Analysis” done by a couple House of Colour consultants, an adorable mother/daughter team! I turned out to be a “Jewel/Sultry Winter,” my mom a “Dark Blue Autumn” and my sis a “Dark Blue Autumn Leaf.”

Have I thoroughly confused you yet? Let me back up.

Several weeks ago my mom told us she was planning a little girls trip because at the end of the month (two weeks from now!) my sis Casey will be off to study abroad in Spain, and I will be moving to Brooklyn! She told us we were going to “have our colors done.” Of course, we had no idea what that meant. Side note- neither did my friends. My BFF asked: “Are you dyeing your hair again? Wait, are you having your aura read?” No…not at all.

Essentially, it’s a service that tells you which shades you should wear, and which ones you should probably avoid. To be honest, I was skeptical. I can just wear whatever I want right? Well, you can…but don’t you want to look your BEST?

House of Colour

We discovered that some colors make you look younger, while others bring out wrinkles and imperfections. Some give you a magical facelift, while others make you look tired and totally flat. Some make you look healthy and vibrant, and some, well, they make you look sick (read: I can’t wear yellow. EVER, EVER again…). This all has to do with the undertones of your skin, your eye color, and hair color.

House of Color

The process goes a little deeper to discover which shades in your spectrum are “double star” which are “single star,” two checks, or one. Then those are ranked at 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%. Here my mom is shown in one of her green shades that was best as a jacket or vest, rather than an all over head-to-toe look. It received a 50% single star.


Your makeup is matched mid-way through the session, after your season is revealed. Did I mention you have to show up with zero makeup on? Casey was less than thrilled about this aspect…I rarely wear makeup though so I didn’t really mind. But we walked out wearing LIPSTICK tailored to our undertones- mine cool and deep and my mom’s and Casey’s warm and bright. We all ended up leaving with colors we never thought we could pull off.

House of Color

Shades of white were another huge surprise to me in this process. White is white is white, right? Absolutely wrong. While my mom and Casey look best in ivory shades (shown above) I look hideous in ivory because it’s yellow based. I should wear stark bright white, think- the basic Hanes white tee. I never imagined that would look best…but it’s blue based and it makes my face bright and clear. And as our consultants mentioned, “your white” is important to know for that big day many women have in their lives…

House of Color

House of Color

House of Color

The final step in the consultation is having all of your double star 100%’s draped across you in their pretty glory! These are by no means the ONLY colors you can wear, but the ones that are really your best of the bunch. Think: important days at work, your birthday, a first date. Much to my relief, black is one of my double star colors (!!!!!!!!!).

There were many companies offering this same service in the US in the 1980’s, one of which my mom visited. Back then, it was all the rage. Why oh why is it no longer popular? It is the most informative session to invest in for your future purchases. I promise y’all, it will revolutionize the way you shop, and the way you get ready in the morning.

Wanna know more? Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below. If I can’t answer it, I can refer you to one of our awesome consultants! And if you want to reach out to them directly to schedule your own session- email Maggie at

Ps, there are delicious snacks.

Have a colorful week! Muah!

4 thoughts on “House of Colour

  1. I loved your blog about your experience! Allie and I enjoyed the color class with you all so much! It is such an affirming experience to know with certainty what your “right” colors are and which ones look amazing on you!! That is why we do this, everyone should know this! I am curious if you had success at Clothes Mentor. ☺️

    1. Thank you Maggie! I definitely agree that EVERYONE should know about this! After going through the process, I really felt like WOW how have I been getting dressed for 23 years? I would feel totally lost without my wallet of colors shopping now! We had great success at Clothes Mentor!! Thank you so much for the recommendation!!

  2. I also had a great color experience with Maggie a couple of weeks ago! It is so amazing. Finally going through my closet for like the 10th time in three years now I am really ready to roll! Maggie is the best!

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