Stop Complaining

Happy (belated) New Year! I didn’t make any concrete resolutions for the year, I’m just living by the rule that I always try to subscribe to- being the best me I can be.

Along that line, I choose to be positive. I get mad, sad, annoyed and jealous like any other human being…but I pride myself on being able to snap back from that. I have a 24 hour rule with myself that I can wallow in whatever is happening for a day. Call it a personal day- but then I come back to reality and just STOP COMPLAINING. Because really whatever it is, it probably isn’t that bad when put into perspective.

People are using social media as an outlet to complain:

They aren’t appreciated enough in their careers.

They aren’t appreciated enough by their partners.

Food is too expensive.

Gas is too expensive.

It’s too cold.

It’s too hot.

They had to wake up too early.

They overslept and are now late.


Really, just shutup. For starters, negativity breeds negativity. It brings others down, and it continually brings you down. No one wants to be friends/lovers/coworkers with someone who is always upset about something. Look outside, is the sun shining? Yes? Great!

So you have eyeballs that allow you to see, you have a window- which means you have shelter, and you see the sun, so you’re alive on this amazing planet.

See what I mean? Perspective is everything.

Do yourself and everyone around you a favor this year by putting your problems in perspective and stop complaining. There really is so much to be happy about.


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