Going For It

Hiiii my angels! December has been a total blur but I couldn’t start the new year without wrapping things up here (ahem, digital wrapping > gift wrapping).

If you’re connected with me on other social outlets you’ve probably heard…I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY FOR A POSITION AT BUZZFEED!


This. Is. My. Dream.

I applied twice at the company, once for an editor position that I just wasn’t quite qualified for, and then for the Fellowship that I ultimately landed. I was highly recommended by one of the editors I had interviewed with to try for the Fellowship, and after debating it with a bruised ego from the first attempt- I applied. That single decision has changed the world as I know it.

I’ve been called “a writer” a few times since the news broke and I get the goofiest smile on my face and all the butterflies when I hear it. It’s a hard feeling to describe…really you just know it when it happens. The whole, this is what I’m on this earth to do feeling. Pretty cool.

But then in other moments, I’m freaking out. I have to find a place to live. I have to buy a massive winter coat. And boots. I have to find friends. I have to navigate the subway. I have to leave my boyfriend…

In short, I’m scared. But I’m more scared to stay.

I went on a hike with my step-dad this weekend, and not shockingly, he turned it into a life lesson. There were lots of different trails to choose from and he let me lead. When I hesitated on a direction, he said: “It’s your decision, I’ll be here to support you either way you go.” BAM, best dad award. If you’re lost in the woods and just sit still because you don’t know where you’re going…you’re never going to find your way out.

Really, the hike just reminded me to go for it. If it ends up being the wrong path, I’ll find a different one- or go back the way I came. But it’s better than sitting still and wondering which direction is right. I’m making this move with my whole heart.


If you’ve just graduated recently and are wondering what the hell to do…all I can say is to jump in. It’s scary. And not everyone says yes (read: I was FIRED more than once this year. Fired!!!). But with persistence and passion, you’ll figure it out. And you’ll eventually get a yes! Remember, it’s much scarier to just sit in the woods and not do anything. Go for it!

What’s on your agenda for 2015?



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