Interracial Relationships

Okay. Let’s talk about people. How would you describe yourself? If you were describing strictly physical attributes, what words would you use? I would say: I’m short (read: fun-sized) and blonde, with big hazel eyes and a few visible tattoos.

I wouldn’t say: I’m white.

If I was asked to describe my boyfriend, I would say: SEXY. Big muscles, brown eyes, and a killer smile with great style to match.

I wouldn’t say: He’s brown.

But yes, we are in an interracial relationship. And there are major differences in our culture. He’s Peruvian, not Mexican, but we watched this video together the other day and DIED at the similarities to his household. We acknowledge and appreciate the differences between us.

I don’t believe in calling yourself “color blind,” (unless, like my boss, you are actually COLOR BLIND………sorry Nathan), because of course we all notice what color each other are. Our color represents different cultures and histories, but it doesn’t make a person good or bad. I know my boyfriend is brown and I’m white, and that’s okay…because we’re both really just people whose actions make us who we are.

This might sound like duh to you, because thankfully many people are accepting. But, coming from a super small town in the South- I know not everyone is there yet. My Mom told me recently that some of my (read: all) of my extended family were very wary about me being best friends with a black girl all through elementary school. I was completely shocked. Looking back, I was blissfully unaware at how judgmental they all were. I only knew she was my BFF and had the coolest hair around. I never saw her as black and me as white. It wasn’t that simple, but to the supposed adults around us…it was.

Unfortunately, by High School (and then college) I had experiences where I felt the judgements firsthand. From disapproving looks in public to being bullied for the color of my boyfriend at the time, I just really couldn’t believe it. Who were they to judge us? WHY DID IT MATTER?

I don’t have the answers. I can only speak from my experiences. Some white people are bad. Some black people are bad. Some brown people are bad. But most of us are good. And that has nothing to do with what we look like.

(socuteicouldliterallycry photos curtesy of my “babies and boyfriends” Pinterest board)


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