10 Annoying #Hashtags

I know my posts are often inspiring, thoughtful, or passionate – but sometimes a lady needs to vent. I mean, someone needs to call you out. So without further ado…

The 10 Most Annoying Hashtags Of 2014:

10. #alsicebucketchallenge

To the few humans who actually knew what this whole thing was about, congrats. But to the majority of people who poured ice on their head and were annoying for way too long, TG this is over.



9. #latergram

It’s called “instagram” AKA INSTANT-gram. AKA, pls stop posting pictures from like three weeks ago when you’re in bed bored. Ahem, “when you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

8. #blessed

I call for a separation of church and social media! *side note, this can be used in a hilariously sarcastic way and if you use it THAT way and not THIS way, I applaud you.

6. #healthy

………..that is your side salad submerged in ranch dressing.

5. #sorrynotsorry

But I’m sorry you just said that.

4. #ootd.

I didn’t know what this meant for like six months and hashtags aren’t supposed to be cryptic. #amiright

3. #MCM / #WCW

MAKE. IT. STOP. If you’ve been dating someone for awhile everyone knows that’s your “crush” and if you’re single no one cares and it makes you look desperate. Honestly, either way no one cares. We would rather see a picture of your #healthy pizza. #sorrynotsorry

2. #turnup

Okay, this picture was taken in your dorm room. With two other people. With cheap vodka that someone else bought you. You’re not “turning up.” And even if you have like a helicopter and Dom bottles in the background, it’s then obvs you’re turning up so #nohashtagnecessary. And you should probably just go enjoy yourself?

1. #nomakeup

OKAY BUT YOU ARE WEARING MAKEUP BECAUSE I SEE YOUR EYELINER. AND WHATEVER EVEN IF YOU REALLY AREN’T YOU DIDN’T HASHTAG #NOFILTER SO IT’S TOTALLY LIKE YOU’RE WEARING MAKEUP ANYWAY WITH THAT VALENCIA FILTER. Also, if it’s a running/yoga/any sort of fitness picture, you’re not supposed to be wearing makeup anyway…right?? Ladies, just don’t.

There you have it! Pretty annoying right? But don’t worry! While social media can totally ruin your reputation, there is such thing as a delete button (if you’re quick enough to beat a sneaky screenshot). And since you’ve probably already used most of these hashtags on the list…there’s always next year to be less annoying! #goodluckwiththat

*This post is dedicated to my #bae who gave me the suggestion and lots of hilarious input along the way.


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