Never Give Up

I watched the movie “Rudy” last night with my other half and OMG was it inspiring! A pretty predictable plot, but such a feel good, myheartissohappynow, flick. Rudy is the little boy in the neighborhood who is always getting picked on and essentially being told he isn’t good enough. He’s obsessed with Notre Dame football and dreams of playing for them. Not to ruin it for you, (totally ruining it for you) but he tries and tries and after several mishaps, he makes his dream come true.

And it’s based on a true story! Definitely one I would recommend if you’re needing a little “never give up” pep talk. Also- did I mention that a VERY young and totally beautiful Vince Vaughn makes a few (gorgeous) appearances as the Notre Dame quarterback? This is a reason in itself to watch the movie.


I have my own dream of becoming a writer in NYC and at times it has felt completely hopeless. I’ve had people tell me I shouldn’t go for a million reasons: How expensive it is. How dangerous it is. How crowded it is. But, I can’t seem to let the dream go. I guess the only thing separating me from Rudy right now is the trust in myself (and the Universe).

I think everything happens for a reason, and I think we watched that movie at the perfect time. It was one of a few wake up calls I received this weekend to not give up on my dream, and to continue chasing it no matter what!

Check out this kick ass pep talk circa 1993…


What are your dreams? Where do you find the inspiration to keep chasing them?


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