Nobody’s Perfect

A good friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend. This was one of those couples that was “perfect” in everyone’s eyes…they were always going on great dates, taking cute pictures, and just genuinely raving about each other. But then, it was over. Just like that. Why? Come to find out, they weren’t perfect…because nobody’s perfect. 

At 23, there are so many questions. Am I doing what I’m supposed to do? Why does she already have a perfect relationship/car/job/apartment/etc. but I don’t? The answers to those questions are simply, yes- you are doing what you’re supposed to do, and, she isn’t perfect, because say it with me now: #nobodysperfect. Gorgeous apartment? Maybe it’s her parents footing the bill. Always shopping? She could be silently drowning in credit card debt. Don’t assume the worst in people, but know that there’s more than meets the eye. Always.

I recently shared  this article from The Huffington Post on my mother’s Facebook wall and it couldn’t be more perfect (…see what I did there). It’s a great one to reference when you’re comparing yourself or thinking you’re THE ONLY ONE feeling a certain way. Remember, even the people who look like they have it together have times when they don’t.

Cue imperfect celebrity moments…

...sometimes you bloom later in life.
…sometimes you bloom later in life.
...sometimes you're bad.
…sometimes you’re bad.
...sometimes the wind sneaks up on yah.
…sometimes the wind sneaks up on yah.

…and sometimes you’re Miley Cyrus.


Cheers to being the perfectly imperfect little muffin you are!


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