Surviving a LDR

Long distance relationships are part of many of our lives. I’m not just talking about a boyfriend or girlfriend here, but best friends and family members too (probably more often). My sweet baby brother (and his amazing gf) moved half-way across the country to go to college this year, my two best friends live several hours away, and I have even more friends and family as far as Denmark and Israel. Long distance relationships aren’t ideal, but they happen- and thankfully there are ways to make them a bit more bearable!

Living in different cities makes events in the same one more special!

5 Tips To Manage Your Long Distance Relationships

1. ADDRESS. BOOKS. I can’t say this enough. Snail mail is sadly ignored by most young people these days, but especially for long distance lovin’, it shouldn’t be. Receiving something in the mail (that isn’t a bill) makes anyone’s day, and if it’s an unexpected letter from you- it’s bound to make someone’s whole week a bit brighter.

2. A calendar marked with important dates. When is your grandmother’s birthday? When is your sister’s big job interview? To go hand in hand with their address, know the dates that matter to them- and reach out ahead of time.

3. Be conscious of time zones! When I was in Europe this Spring I was constantly waking up to messages from people in the middle of the night…showing you care enough to text them “good morning” when it is actually their morning will be appreciated!

4. Make a countdown. There are all sorts of digital countdown managers you can use to get excited for when you’ll be reunited next. Or get crafty and make your own.

5. See it as an opportunity. While I’m not thrilled I don’t see my brother all the time anymore, I know at Christmas he’ll have lots of stories about a state I haven’t had the chance to visit yet. Speaking of…maybe a ski trip to Colorado needs to be added to my “trips to take” list…

Do you have any LDR’s in your life? How do you manage?


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